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Speech and text alerts for BP, Sugar, anniversaries, renewals, Med reminders.
( hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or one time as needed. )

Log in to set up alerts & reminders OR text them in:
Call me daily at 8am to check my blood sugar.
Text me Tuesday at 9am to check my blood pressure.
Call me January 14th at 9am to remind me of my anniversary.
Recall any uploaded image instantly
Show images of my grandson mike ( link sent for all images with mike)
Show my regions visa card ( link to front and back sent for reporting theft )
Show mikes 18th birthday( link to show image of mikes 18th birthday )

$12.00 /yr. ( give up a fancy coffee once a year, your worth it !)

I run this site on caffeine and generosity.
Vist my site on Server1 here for questions or click above.
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text and speech

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I run this site on caffeine and generosity.

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