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bOnTop of the Game
Partner with a business who responds and listens to your needs.
bAmazed at what is possible
For 1/2 a storbucker coffee, you can have it all!
No IT support needed!
believe we can do anything, because we believe YOU can do anything
Partner with a business that listens and responds to your needs.
bMiserly. Check our prices above.
We gurantee our prices. USPS is 100% safe and tracable.
Partner with a business that listens and responds to your needs.
bReady at that next event or on the go
We totally support mobile users at shows, or on the job site.
Licensing monitoring for expiring certificates, licenses and training
bAll knowing.   Believe in yourself.
Your instant feedback impresses and makes for happy customers.
bHere. We use interactive websites with messaging and SMS.
Add Newsletters, Sales, PDF to download, facebook link and more
b ahead of the competition. Send invitations by eBlast to the event list.
Easy to customize giving you full control with support a call or email away.
bEnabled with website click ON or OFF features. Email us your images and we do the rest.
Add poll questions, advertisements, newsletters, flyers, facebook link, download an agenda, menu or listing.
bOntime and organized with Calendar events, SMS Reminders and eBlasts
Text or Speak your calendar events reminders or notes.
best of all, its easy to customize your appointment reminders
bDelighted with our dashboard. View real time portal & website responses
Send site questions to your cell when your on the go.
bSure to try our SMS speech to calendar events, reminders and office-notes
advised were in this together! Your NEVER alone.

We build your site using our all-in-1 interface you control.
Manage events of any size online or live from classroom to civic center sized.
Server1 We reward your great ideas for all our members to benefit from Server1

Your ideas earn free months membership and better features for all members.
Like a feature you need or saw on another site? Bet we can add it at no cost to you!

Level 1:  $5.99 /month or less (You get it all)
• Event Master manages live sign-in, event notifications & updates, questions with live updates, auctions, and download links. Live Webinars, Gatherings, Auditoriums, Lecture hall;
• eReminders, Online Appointment Scheduling, unlimited contacts for appointments, email and texts.
• Secure private portal on our website for contacts, appointments and rescheduling.
• Appointment follow up evals and metrics. View satisfaction scores.
• Reduce No-shows!
• Hippa compliant / Audit trail of activity.

Level 2:  $2.75 /month or less (our professionals choice)
• Interactive website with SMS built for speech interface to our server.
• Advertise, Allow poll questions, newsletters, downloads and more.
• Reduce No-shows!
• Hippa compliant / Audit trail of activity.
• Questions to your office and staff.
Click, you get a copy on your cell also.
• eBlasts for your contact list by grouping, Calendar events, more.
• Speech journaling to secure folders, Calendar events to remind you and a list of friends the day before and day of the event.
• Data entry using our text and speech smarts to your secure folders. Excel export.
• Smart Calendar interface with events includes notifications to you and your favorite lists.
• Set and forget text reminders with `forget my not recall`.
• License and certification reminder service keeps you legal.

Smart Calendar Interface
with annual events & multiday events.
• Private text reminders the day before and day of. Favorite list to send copy reminders.
• SMS speech ready interface allows easy commands to our server. `Add new event meeting on december 11 with Joe Smith`.
• At a gathering, someones birthday, say `add birthday jane smith`. (get a text reminder each year!)
• add up to 10 invitees to your calendar events, private notes to yourself and simple reminders to the list.

SMS Speech Smart Interface~
Add contacts, appointments, office notes, reminders, events, folders by speech. Recall notes and more !
• Create categories at will; archive or request them. All by talking to you mobile device.
• Use it personnally. Add category Journal, Diary, heart rate, ect. add heart rate 70, what was my last heartrate, email me my heartrates (bloodpressure, movie, laps, you name it! )
• Secure folders hold your data outside a database not accessable from the web. Hackers typically want datbase info. We keep your data another step safer.
• Ask to find your next or last event, haircut, appointment, run, whatever!

Ticket Support System~
Never lose a support ticket or idea you submit
• Our support center received a text and email when a support ticket arrives.
• Our support center emails you when we update a ticket and when its closed or you close it.
• Every company should have solid support and tracking of customer needs.
  New features monthly, click here.

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1 month free trail
Site License available.
No contract. Cancel anytime.
USPS money order accepted.

Paying USPS MO? No card fees or handling.
Save up to 20% annually!
Money back guarantee on first month and unused months.

See EventMaster in action, join our next free seminar or webinar.
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