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Groups: Contacts and Website sign-ups from your events

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Question Answer
What are Groups? Some groups are the event names you can signup for on your website in owner options/web site manager
Other groups you define to put your contacts into or simply a list of peole you want to send an eBlast to that are NOT your contacts
Website sign-ups ? When you enable an event to signup for on your site, anyone who signs up on the site belongs to a group defined by the event name.
When your ready to send a eBlast to those sign-ups, build your eBlast with event details, give it a subject and send it out here.
How do I setup groups for contacts? You have to setup Optional Fields 1,2,3 which will allow you to have 3 groups maximum
To setup a group for your contacts...
Goto to Settings/Owner options, then select Configure Contacts Fields
Locate Field3 in the textarea.
Uncomment the ;; from in front of all field3 rows.
change Field3[0]=My Customized Field3   to   Field3[0]=Group1;
DO NOT CHANGE ANY OTHER LINE.   Click the update button.
Go to Contacts and locate your name, click on it. Click on `your names contact data button`
Group 1 will now be visible. Put a name for your grouping like sales, salary, ect.   Update the contact.
Select all other contacts to put into this group by that name.
--- Now Your Ready to to play with Groups ---
Goto Settings/OwnerOptions and select & Groups for Contacts & Event-Signups
Click Add New Group, Enter the name of the group for the contacts you assigned. Ex; if the contacts are assigned to Group1 as Managers, Make this Groups Managers.
You will now see a group named Managers. Click on Managers to add Contacts and emails from people NOT contacts
Examples In Configure Contacts Fields, Set Field1 name to Group1, Field2 to Group2, Field3 to Group3. Edit your contacts and place them into groups.
Example: Joe is in Group1 as `male`. Sally is in Group1 as 'selfpay', Joe is in Group1 as `walmarz`
Search by `selfpay` to see all contacts in this group
Build an eBlast in eBlast Manager, give it a subject and send it to that group.

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