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My Site Images

              Most of your customer will be using mobile cell phone devices in portrait mode ( held upright ). What looks good on a desktop, may be different on a cell. Always check both.
Image Information
Top Left Nav-bar image
we scale to about 60x60px square.
image can be .png.jpg.gif
No image uploaded
Center Company Logo Nav-bar image
we scale to rectangular. Please check both mobile and desktop to see the differences.
No image uploaded
Top Right Nav-bar image
we scale to about 60x60px square.
image can be .png.jpg.gif
No image uploaded
Top Main image ( below navbar )
This is typically your company description. We scale this to the width of the browser below the nav-bar.

We build our images in Microsoft Word, them export or copy to paint. Whatever you prefer. Email us your images and we will put them in your site folder. You may change and choose anyone, anytime.

No image uploaded
Drag and Drop , file compression utility.
Our images MUST be < 115kb to load super fast
(our preferred resource)
Make your image * Transparent *
(our preferred resource)
LunaPic - transparent
Make and Enhance your images
(our preferred resource)
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Please check BOTH desktop and mobile
Most visitors use mobile.
( Need Help? contact us with your account number or use the support center in settings )
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