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                        Family Call Reminders
                            Under Construction.

                              Better than Alexa!
Works outside with smart, flip or house phones!
Text in your reminders without logging in!

No call limit,   7 day free trial,   Under $10 a year,   No credit card required, Must be 18.
Forgetful?   Miss that appointment again?
Anniversary, Birthday, Dentist appointment, Meds, BP checks, PTO, meetings,

                            Text in your calls:
Call me next monday at 8am to remind me about my dentist appointment

Call mom tomorrow at 9 am to remind her to check her BP

Call me Aug 1, to remind me its her anniversary & birthday

Call me monthly on the 2nd at 5pm, town meeting, PTO, group meeting

                                 We do it all

Setup reminders for once, daily, weekly or monthly.
Easy to use. Login: add, edit, remove, DONE.
Manage for yourself, parents or children.

Remind loved ones outside, away at friends, with family, camping.

Yearly membership is only $7.00 a year, and...
    $1 off a year for seniors or if alerts go to a senior
    $1 off a year for veterans or alerts go to a vet

If you have questions, email me above.

Adding or Editing your calls is easy.

Easy to see all your alerts.

Sometimes we just need a call to remind us. Sometimes loved ones get busy and forgets. We can help.

I do not give away, share or sell your information, ever!
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