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                   Group & Team Call Reminders
                            Under Construction.

                              Better than Alexa!
Works outside with smart, flip or house phones!
Text in your reminders without logging in!

No call limit,   7 day free trial,   Under $10 a year,   No credit card required, Must be 18.
                          * Sign up HERE.

Setup reminder calls once, daily, weekly or monthly.

Simply add members, assign to groups. Ex; trustee, city worker, sales, dock workers, ect.

PLUS: Text in requests without logging in.
Ex: call cityworkers now tell them to report in 1 hour
Ex: call trustees monthly on the 1st to remind them they have a monthly meeting at 7pm
Ex: call cityworkers in 10 minutes tell them to report to work now for water line break

     Trustes, monthly on the 11th, meeting tomorrow at 6pm
     Church, weekly on monday at 8, Put out the trash.
     Call Trustees now and remind them we have a meeting tonight at 7pm
     Call Water Dept crew in 20 minutes to check a leak on main st.

     Snow day today
     Sales meeting monday morning at 8

Unlimited members, Unlimited Groups
Assign members to 4 groups.
Use for smart, flip, and home phones.

Yearly membership is only $ 25.00 a year.

Adding or Editing your alerts is easy.

Easy to see all your alerts.

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