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Interactive Cloud Solutions for Business and Licensed Professionals

Pricing Structure
As of Jan 1, 2019

Question Answer
What do we do ?

             1) Event managing with downloads & links. Live questions respones into PowerPoint'™' with live updates. Spreadsheet ready response exporting. Auctions.
             2) On-line Scheduling with automated reminders for business, colleges, government meetings, clubs, ect...
             3) Smart calendar SMS text w/ voice commands to your calendar for never forget events. Event reminders sent day before and day of ( create fav list )
             4) Forget-me-not speech recall of what you want to remember - simply store and ask when you need it.
             5) Callback and text reminders - (Remind me in one week to...) (Call me in 20 minutes to escape this meeting)
             5) Follow-up evaluations by email for your business & appointments. Poll & Survey question on your site (All with metrics to guage your staff and performance)
             6) Free Secure website with Portal Access. Customized for you, add and change when you like. NO ADs!! Only your products, your way, if you want.
Lucky 7) Earn FREE months membership. We add & change features monthly based on member ideas and reward you for referrals.
             8) Group eBlasts for your event signups, contacts and friends (annual events, meetings, and more)
Who is this for ?

              (Hospitals, Corporations, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Dietitians, or those needing oncall support)

              All business can benefit from our services, including...

              Landscaping, Groomers, Home and Office Cleaning, Home Remodeling, Plumbers, Electricians to name but a few.
              Local Government,Private Business) (live webinars requiring voting, online testing.
Whats right for You?

1) Professional Appointment Solutions:   Oncall provider support, Appointment reminders, Client Portal login, Followup evaluations, Metrics.
                      Personal Assistnt Pro included.

2) Personal Assistant Pro:  Interactive PowerPoint, Website with texting to your office and cell.
                    eBlasts to groups and contacts.
                    Text to server supporting speech for calendar and reminders.
                    Smart Calendar Events with SMS, Email & SMS Reminder service.
                    Live response questions to power point, downloads, download links, animated html.
                    Events support Live Auctions, presenter inferface to attendees for email and text messages.

Site license pricing available for Personal Assistant Pro only.
What is the pricing?

State taxes vary by state for SAAS (Software as a service) and are not included, unused months are 100% refundable.

Professional Appointment Solutions  AND  Personal Assistant Pro
( one business, up to 16 provider logins. Online appointment Scheduling/Reminders/Client Portal site login. Owner has Event, Calendar & License features, additional providers do not. )
    $ 7.99 ( per month)         $ 80 ( per year, 10% discount )
    $75/year for a limited time during roll out + get charter member status!

Personal Assistant Pro( Individual with Professional or State License)
    $ 1.50 ( per month)         $ 15.00 ( per year, 10% discount )
    $12/year for a limited time during roll out + get charter member status!

Business Site License with Personal Assistnt Pro.
    $ 45.00 ( per year, site license includes account owner + $3.00 per additional user )
How do I pay ?

Credit card, PayPal,or USPS money order   (No fee or handling chargefor USPS.) (NO checks accepted with prior arrangement in writing.)
Is USPS-MO (money Order) Safe ?

You pay NO handling fees or visa charges.
Using USPS MO with 100% safe tracking on the USPS site. We allow large grace periods for USPS to arrive. open a ticket and ask.
We guranatee your satisfaction or 100% of your money back the first month and any un-used months thereafter.
Want free months?

Get referrals and suggest ideas that benefit our members.
Each referral that becomes a paying member earns you 3 months membership. Simply have them open a ticket and refer you.
You great ideas can earn from 3 to 24 months membership. Simply open a ticket.
What`s the bottom line?

Getting on top of your competition for as little as possible
Use our live interactive event master for events and lectures for feedback.
Add and recall events, images and more by speaking or texting to your cell.
Recover a few missed appointments with reminders, your membership is FREE, enjoy the perks of this service.
Never had appointments? Let your business will look more profesional with reminders and evaluations.
Advanced interactive website with text-in features to your office and cell keep you ahead of your competetion!
100% money back guaranteee as we discussed above.

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