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Membership matters.

Lets begin easy....

You have a lot of power in our commands.

You also have calendar events, license reminders, journaling, and so much more!

who am i
add birthday dec 25th santa   ||   add event november 2nd haircut
when is santas birthday||   when is my next haircut
add event jan oil change   ||   add event Apr 15th taxes due ||   add event december 20th 2021 Gift for Mike
when is my next oil change
remind me to call mike in 30 minutes ||   remind me this saturday to play golf||   remind me tomorrow at 7am to call joe
cancel reminder ||   cancel last reminder ||   cancel my last reminder ( Works if done in 3 minutes )
You can view, edit and serach in Settings/MY
Add folder journal ||   Add category Diary     (All folder contacts are exportable by email or in MY setings ( email my juornal )
Journal blah,blah blah||   Diary blah,blah blah
protect journal ( No further entries are allowed. you can export it. For a new journal, add folder Journal, keep going. )
Add folder bp ||   Add folder heart rate ||   Add folder mycount
BP 120/60 ||   HR 72 ||   mycount (tracks time between entries)
Add folder Run For Fun
Run for fun bring extra tables||   run for fun call mike smith tomorrow at 555-1212
Add contact Mike Smith (Need them as a contact also, add them with an email)
You can view, edit and serach in Settings/MY
This is just a taste of what you can do and we are adding more monthly, VOICE replys coming soon !

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