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What's right for me?

(pricing)   Interactive site only
(pricing)   Interactive site with Reminders, Scheduling, Secure Client Portal, Customer Evaluations and Metrics.
What to do first.  
Importing Contacts

  From Excel CSV file or Text file
  SMS / Text
Exporting Contacts.
  To Excel CSV file or Text file

  Easy, just the date and time please.
  My clients need to see a checklist of items for each appointment

  Making my first eBlast.
  Scheduling an eBlast for ALL my contacts. I have an event, sale, open house, holiday, newsletter, ect.
  Sending an eBlast manually to my website event signups
  Grouping my contacts for sending an eBlast manually (not scheduled).
  Sending an eBlast NOW to my contact groups AND/OR non-contacts
( Great for sending news to departments only, family for event, potential contacts )
Setting your website features

  Adding my site title, business name, phone numbers, email.
  Adding my site Logo, top images, and optional rotating Images
  Play a sound if a webiste question is submitted
  Sign up for events, newsletters, products, ect. (creates a group for an eblast when your ready)
  Allow questions to your office dashboard AND/OR cell phone (great if if your on the go or no office, never miss a new client)
  Allow Newsletter on your site
      ( Making a newsletter in Microsoft Word or ANY word processor and exporting it as PDF. )
  Allow Download of a PDF on your site ( can be used without newsletter or a seperate subject)
  Allow Advertisment of your product or anotehr image on your site
  Allow Evaluations and/or results from evaluations ( run for days,weeks, months to collect data )
  Allow Facebook Link
SMS text and speech features

  Calendar Event & Reminders ( works in the browser interface also )
  Speech Reminders ( Only only, not seen in the browser interface )
  Office Notes ( owner only, works in the browser interface also )
  Private Notes (not seen in the brower interface)
    ( Great for diary, journal, blood pressures, heart rates, lap running, so much more )
    ( Export ready, graph ready and excel CSV export ready from browser interface in `MY` for owner only )
  Owner only functions)
Appointment Evaluations
Is my office and staff going downhill ?

  Configure evaluation questions
    ( Keep tabs on staff, cleanliness, and your performance )
  Test my evaluations view results of testing
  View results of evaluations
How Can I use SMS text/speech to add contacts and schedule appointments.

  Find / Who is / Show me (name)
  Add Contact
  Edit Contact
  When is the next Appointment for (name or id)
  Schedule Appointment (name or id)
  Cancel Appointment (id only)

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