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UPDATE: St Elizabeth's hospital in Bellleville IL. No bridge or connecting building. The cathederal stands alone.
Photo Link1: St Elizabeths Demolition 8-27-2019
Photo Link2: St Elizabeths Demolition 8-27-2019

Yikes ! Canadian researchers found 11.6 billion microplastic & 3.1billion nanoplastic particles when they boiled empty tea bags to near boiling.
  Source: Medical News Bulletin
Many hospitals now require a BSN degree, what are you waiting for ?

USDA burys economic research on food and agriculture, gutting the program which tracks what americans eat, climate change, food safety recalls, antibiotic use and more!!!
Stacks of reports and research with no staff to publish them and a generation of scientific expertise extingished!
Looks like you bury the results when you don't like the data!! Where is this heading and why???
  Source: Washington Post, Jun 2019
  Source: NPR - Brain Drain

While it's true we bring the poop, some folks like to throw it as was the case Sept 1 at the Grizzly Stadium ( clean up in every isle please!! )
Photo Link: The poop flys high

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Bad news for consumers!, USDA transfers some inspections of hogs to it's own inspectors and allows unlimited speeds on slaughter lines.
New risks for diseased animals entering undectected into our food supply similar to hot dogs and pet food are a major concern. Risks for fair animal treatment and injury are questioned.

Remember when we deregulated banking in 1991 and 2006? Good things!   Source: USDA Offers Pork Companies A New Inspection Plan

Napping Once or Twice Weekly Linked With Lower Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke ( if your under 65 )
Reference: AJMC article here
    The new meditation garden will be opening Oct 22 in Breese, IL. at St Joseph's Hospital.
Completed Gargen Oct 1,2019: Meditation garden photo
                                                  Here they grow again !!! Clinton County Rural Health is E X P A N D I N G in Breese, IL. at St Joseph's Hospital.
                                                  Oct 1, 2019 Breaking Ground: Ground Breaking
                                                  Nov 29, 2019: Walkway footing is poured
                                                  Dec 27, 2019: Side construction, looks like the bldg is expanding toward the street

Children eating more than 12 hotdogs/month linked to nine times the risk of developing childhood leukemia.
Rumor has it that many animals `used` are sickly or very old.  Lets chew on that for a while. . .   Source:
The average life is only 25,000 days.  If your 35, you got 12,500 left.  Make them count for something!

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UPDATE: The new Ofallon cancer center located across from St Elizabeth's hospital is progressing after much rain this spring and summer.
Note the 2ft thick concrete & steel section on the right of image 3. Lead lined no doubt. . .Stay tuned...
  Photo Link1 ( owners ): Cancer Center 9-8-2019
  Photo Link2: Cancer Center 9-12-2019
  Photo Link3: Cancer Center 9-12-2019
  Photo Link4: Cancer Center 9-12-2019
  Photo Link4 ( storage, notice lead shine, sealed 2ft thick concrete vault ): Cancer Center Storage 9-14-2019
                                                  Photo Link5: Cancer Center 12-5-2019
                                                  Still lots of rain has slowed progress this fall.
                                                  Photo Link6: (lead room covered) Cancer Center 12-5-2019
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